These DIY bottles are simply ideal if you are looking for a special baby shower idea. They can serve as either table designs or baby shower game prizes. What makes them even much better is that they are extremely inexpensive.

Just took child bottles and attached them to easy wood square bases with hot glue. Utilized metal spray paint to color them bronze, silver and gold. These happen to be trophy colors, however you could likewise utilize pastel blue and pink if you use the bottle statues as decorations.

What You Need:

Walmart, First Essentials 3-pack bottles.
Michaels, wood stands.
Michaels, Spray paint in flat white, copper, gold and silver.

With a hot glue weapon or any real good durable glue, glue the bottle on the wood stands. I decided to paint it flat white prior to so it can have a nice base and permit the color to remain on better. Last but not least spray on color! All there is left is to add some sticker labels that check out 1st, 2nd & 3rd location! Easy and inexpensive. Take pleasure in!