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Here’s in depth instructions on how you can make the four wheeler diaper cake found and tested out working very well. I came up with myself after a small diaper engineering and a good deal of error and trial.


Items needed:
Diapers (amount will differ for size of diapers you desire to utilize. For this example, I used 95 size 1 diapers).
Rubber bands.
Double sided tape.
Wide Ribbon.
Narrow Ribbon.
Curling ribbon (usu. white).
A round cake pan/round pyrex dish.
4 receiving blankets.
6 washcloths.
1 infant dishwasher basket.
1 set of socks.
1 bib.
1 sippy cup with deals with OR 1 infant bottle.
Foam board/cardboard base.
Any other decors (flowers, a packed animal, etc.).

I like to start with the wheels. Take a folded diaper and roll it into a tube. I like doing it from the base of the diaper to the opening. (If that makes sense).

Include another diaper over that one and another one after that, and after that take an elastic band around all 3. Now make this center of your wheel tight, however not too tight– you’ll have to fit the axle of the 4 wheeler through it later at the same time.

Continue to add diapers around this tube, periodically utilizing rubber bands (or perhaps curling ribbon) to hold the wheel together till you get it to the size you like.

Likewise, for the last outer layer of diapers you might want to turn them facing in (so the designs are not exposed) leaving you with a plain white wheel.

Make sure to make 4 wheels (A lot of individuals make these cakes as tricycles– however I discovered it much easier with 4 wheels– and you can fit more diapers because way anyhow.).

Take a receiving blanket and roll it into a tube. Take some elastic band and use them to hold this tube shape together.

This will end up being the axle that will hole the 2 front wheels in place.

I typically fiddle around with the width I desire (It should be around the width of the dishwashing machine basket– which will be the seat on the four wheeler plus the added width of the diaper wheels).

Make another “axle” with another blanket.

Take the axle and carefully (and this part will take a while) wedge it’s end through the center of one wheel.

Take a single diaper and wrap it around the center of the axle. Secure this with an elastic band.

Then take the free end of the axle and wedge it through the center of another diaper wheel.

Do this with the other 2 wheels remaining. You must then have 2 sets of connected wheels for the front and back of your 4 wheeler.

Place the two vehicles on your cardboard base, one behind the other.

Take a length of wide ribbon and wrap it around the center of each wheel. Protect this with double sided tape.

Take a washcloth and cover it around the center of among the axles, covering the diaper you protected their earlier. Usage double sided tape or curling ribbon to hold the washcloth on. Repeat with the other axle.

Then take a few of your broad ribbon, cut an area to position around the center of this washcloth. Use double sided tape to hold this on. Repeat with the other axle.

Take a length of narrow ribbon and do the very same but over the center of the wide ribbon or on either side of the wide ribbon that you put on each wheel. Secure this with double sided tape. Repeat this with the staying vehicle.

Take the 4 staying washcloths and fold them in half. Place them over each of the 4 wheels and secure with double sided tape.

Take one of the receiving blankets and wrap it around the largest part of the dishwasher basket to form the seat. Secure with double sided tape.

Then put the bib over the covered dishwasher basket and protect with double sided tape.

Take your remaining receiving blanket and fold it into a flattened tube. This will become the handlebars of your 4 wheeler.

Take the flattened tube and cover it around one end of the covered dishwasher basket. Place your sippy cup or bottle in the center (to end up being the headlight) and secure the blanket with a rubber band so handlebars are formed.

Take your set of socks and put them on completions of the handlebars.

Take 2 lengths of narrow ribbon and use it to thread through the exposed sides of the dishwasher basket along the bottom. The narrow ribbon generally go through the front, out the back and around both sets of axles.

Knot the ribbons together and slide these under the 4 wheeler so they are not seen (unless you connect them with bows at the front or back of the 4 wheeler because you want them visible.).

Add a bow around the rubberband holding the handlebars together.

At this point, you are basically done, unless you wish to add any other embellishments. You can include a packed animal sitting on the bike or put bows or flowers in the center of the wheels. it’s all approximately you!

If you want to see other examples of cakes I’ve made in the past, you can click here and here.

Then simply cover the entire thing in clear cellophane and you’re prepared to offer a beautiful gift!

Have fun!