The Candy Bar Baby Shower Matching Games

Among the most fun laugh-out-loud video games, the candy bar infant shower video game can be played in a number of methods, however the most popular method is to play it as a memory video game. You merely play this video game like you played a classic youth memory video game.

Simply set up a poster board or cork board that measures 5 squares by 6 squares (overall of 30 squares or 15 sets of infant terms). You can utilize a yardstick and sharpie pen to draw straight lines while producing the grid.

In each grid square, write among the child terms making sure to blend them all up (each term will appear two times within the grid). Then, pin or tape small building and construction paper squares with a number (1 through 30) on them over each grid square so that all the terms are covered up.

Going around the room, each visitor takes a turn by picking 2 numbers. If they don’t think a matching pair, cover the 2 squares back up and the next individual in line is up to guess. If they get a coordinating pair, they win the sweet bar associated with the term.

For circumstances, if they get the matching pair of ‘breastfeeding’ squares, they ‘d get a Milky Way candy bar as their prize. Make sure that you purchase least one of all the sweet bars on the list so that you have a reward for each correctly guessed response.

A game variation would be to list all the child terms in a column down a sheet of paper with rushed versions of the sweet bars in a column down the right hand side of the paper. Make copies of the video game sheets for all the guests.

The goal would be to unscramble the candy bar words and match them to the right child terms. The person with the most answers proper wins sweet bars or you can divide the sweet bars up among the guests that have correct answers. Some suggested terms and corresponding sweets are listed below:

The Conception: SKOR
Pregnant Belly: Chunky Bar
Epidural or Grandparents: Lifesavers
Umbilical Cord: Twizzlers
Late to the Hospital: Rocky Road
Hospital Address: 5th Avenue
Choosing A Baby Name: Watchamacallit
Newborn Girl: Baby Ruth
Twin Boys: Mike & Ike
Triplets: Three Musketeers
10 Pound Baby: Whoppers
Preemie: Runts
Hospital Nursery: Cry Babies
Delivery Doctor: Butterfinger
Father or Dad: Sugar Daddy
Cool Mom: Peppermint Patty
Breastfeeding: Milky Way
Breast Engorgement or Dirty Diapers: Mounds
Hospital Bills or College Fund: 100 Grand
Bottle: Bottle Pop Candy
Mom Alone Time: Zero
Mom Nap Time: Take Five
Baby Giggles: Snickers